Community Relations

Auto Parts City is Reaching Out
to Educators.

Currently, there are 200 million drivers in the United States and 245 million automobiles. With the exception of collectible vehicles, all 245 million will have to be recycled someday.

The next generation of commuters are in your classroom today. As educators, you have a unique opportunity to help them understand that their first car and every car thereafter will be recycled.

The topic of recycling is ideally suited to both science and social studies students. In our modern society, science and public policy are often intricately woven together. Learning more about the importance of responsible automotive recycling is something guaranteed to get young minds thinking in therms of “the big picture”.

An informed public helps ensure responsible decisions are made when issues related to recycling arise in our communities.

Auto Parts City is eager to work with educators, either through on-site tours or via classroom presentations, to help students better grasp the processes and benefits of responsible auto recycling.

It is something that impacts us all, but so few of us really understand.

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